6 tips for a beautiful birth atmosphere

How to create a cozy and warm birth space for your baby to arrive in this world. Where do you plan to birth your baby? How should the room smell, feel and look like, where your child will see the light of day?

No matter where your baby is born, with a few simple tools you can create a beautiful birth space. The most important thing at birth is that you feel safe, secure and comfortable. Women are sensitive by nature, especially during pregnancy and birth. Everything in your body switches to open and receive - physically, emotionally and emotionally. The pelvis, the ligaments, the stomach, the blood vessels widen. The belly button, a sensitive part of our body, turns itself outside. Emotionally, we women become more open, sensitive and delicate. At birth, the pelvic floor fans out like a flower. Creates space and room for your child. A timeless space opens up, in which for a moment the world outside moves into the distance. A new life finds its way into this world. Not only the child, but also the mother, is born in this moment. This magic moment may be prepared and celebrated.

There are things that are not in your hands - how your birth partner feels during the birth. Whether the midwife has a stressful day. Whether there are several women in the delivery room, or it is hectic in the hospital or birth centre.

Regardless of these external factors, you can create a protected space for yourself. For a home birth this is easy, but you can also create a pleasant birth environment in the delivery room.

Here are six tips on how you can create a cosy atmosphere for your birth. Feel free to choose what resonates with you. These tips are a suggestion, not a must or a guarantee for an easy birth.

Tip one


The light in the delivery room is bright and uncomfortable. The neon lights make the room seem cool and sterile. In the animal kingdom, animals instinctively retreat into a dark cave for birth. We humans are not much different, the majority of births are at night or early in the morning. In the darkness the hormone melatonin is produced, which, along with the birth hormone oxytocin, supports the birth process. For your baby, who comes out of the dark, cosy and warm womb, the contrast to neon light is extreme. With a light chain, with warm white lamps, you can create a warm atmosphere. You can light up candles at a home birth or in the birth house, or LED candles in the hospital. A cloth over a lamp creates a dimming effect. Make sure that it is not placed directly on the hot light bulb. I love the light of a saltstone lamp. This makes a warm light and improves the air and energy in the room. It weighs a lot and is not easy to transport. Birth centres and hospitals usually have such a lamp on site. When you register, ask if you can have it in the delivery room for your birth. Close the curtains if you like. Create your dark cave where you feel safe, secure and unobserved.

warm lightning to create a beautiful birth atmosphere

Tip Two


The amniotic fluid protects, wraps and gently weighs your baby during pregnancy. It has a temperature of 37 degrees. It is nice for your baby to be allowed to enter a room that is comfortably warm. Be it the warm water for a water birth. A warm outside temperature. The mother's naked skin, a blanket to wrap her in. For the birth process it is good if the temperature is right for you. Make sure that your feet are warm, and take socks with sliding nubs or a rubber sole so that you don't freeze. Make sure that you can move freely with them and that you don't slip when standing.

Why a warm room temperature?

When it is cold, the body closes up to protect itself. At birth, the ambience should be warm open and loving.

Tip Three


Birth is a sensual experience. The senses of a woman are sensitive during birth. I like to use scents and essential oils when I accompany a woman as a doula. In retrospect, women tell me that it is the scents they remember. Fragrances trigger a mood in us, they have a stimulating and energising effect, calming and releasing, or intoxicating and invigorating. I love the scent of lavender for birth, it accompanied me during my pregnancy. During meditation I applied a few drops of lavender oil on my skin or stomach. You can take a relaxing bath in lavender oil (with Weleda Lavender Relaxation Bath).

At my own birth I had an aromatherapy lamp with me in the hospital. The lavender scent reminded me of the relaxing moments during my pregnancy. It was a calming anchor for me. Another scent I will never forget is that of Tuk Tuk Crackers! My partner ate them next to my ear in a loud crunching sound. Until that moment I didn't know that Tuk Tuk Crackers stink so bad! But when during labor I noticed the smell more strongly. Whenever I think of my birth, Tuk Tuk Cracker come to my mind. This shows how sensitive a woman's senses are during birth.

Find out which smell you like and which give you a feeling of security or liveliness. Here are a few suggestions for fragrances and essential oils for pregnancy and birth:


  • Lavender - calming and opening
  • Jasmine - warm and flowery
  • Rose - relaxing and releasing
  • Ylang-Ylang - sensual and delightful
  • Incense - cleansing and clarifying
  • Lemon - refreshing and invigorating

I love the essential oils of Young Living or Primavera. Make sure that the oils are pure and organic.

Lavender and essential oil stimulate the senses at birth

Tip Four


Music creates mood, makes us dance, relax or puts us into a kind of trance state. If you like to listen to music, why not during labor? There is something to celebrate. Your baby's birthday is coming up, the arrival of a special being.

Put together your personal playlist, with a few songs with a beat, or drums to dance to. Songs that calm you down and make you feel familiar. I also find mantras great. These are songs whose lyrics are constantly repeated. They create a special energy and can help you to dive into your inner space. There is no right or wrong here, the best playlist is the one that resonates with you. Maybe you put together a playlist and notice at birth that you don't want to listen to music at all. Every birth is unique. I advise women to be open to what is coming. You will know in the moment what is right for you.

Tip Five


A few snacks in the birth bag should not be missing. A birth can take several hours and you need energy. A few snacks that you love can work wonders. If there is an accompanying person, he or she should take provisions with them. Although there usually is a cafeteria in the hospital, it can be a long way to get there. You may not feel like leaving your cocoon, your room. Many women are not hungry during childbirth. I suggest the women to prepare ice cubes with dextrose. You can take them in a thermos bottle. The liquid and cold can be soothing and the dextrose gives you an energy kick. You can also freeze fruits like raspberries, blackberries and blueberries for more taste.

ice cubes with glucose for more energy during labor

Tip Six


An upright birth position and movements will help your baby to move down the birth canal. In birth centres and hospitals there are sometimes gymnastic balls and cloths hanging from the ceiling. When you are there for registration, ask for these items and make sure that they are available for you. You can take a ball with you to the delivery room. If this is too much work for you, take a towel with you. You can put it on the ball as an underlay.

Why is a gymnastic ball helpful?

There are birth positions which you can take up with the ball. You can sit upright on the ball, lean on the bed or on your partner and rotate your hips This movement can help you breathe along with the waves, relieve pain and help your baby on its way.

You can kneel down and lay your upper body on the ball so that your tummy has enough space. You can put a pillow under your knees and on the ball. The four-footed stand is a great birth position, see if it feels right for you.

A cloth on the ceiling is helpful, you can hold on to it when standing upright or squatting Release the force of the waves into the cloth. You have enough space to move your body as it instinctively feels good.

I hope these six tips are an inspiration for you on how you can create a beautiful birthplace for yourself. If you have any other tips or ideas for other women, please feel free to write me.

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